Public comment sought on re-powering natural gas plant in Newburgh


The deadline to share your thoughts with New York State on a natural gas plant project in the Town of Newburgh has been extended once again. Comments can now be filed until 4:30pm on Friday, March 29, 2019.

“The existing plant operates less than five percent of the time, providing energy only during the highest-demand periods,” according to Scenic Hudson. “The new plant would run nearly all the time.”

Danskammer Energy LLC “plans to re-power and modernize operations at the facility,” according to its website to provide “fast-start, fast-ramping power.” The proposed upgrades will “create a more fuel-efficient facility…through the installation of a new, state-of-the-art 536 to 600-megawatt natural gas-fired combined-cycle electric generation facility.”

Once the new plant is in operation, Danskammer plans to no longer use the current operating steam generation units, which were constructed in the 1950s-60s by Central Hudson.

The plant has been noted among the top ten releasers of pollutants by weight in New York, releasing 1.4 million pounds (640 tonnes) of hazardous emissions in 2000, according to Environmental Protection Agency figures, and in 2012, it was so badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy that it was shut down.

More info: NYS Case Information + Comment