Blow Bellows No. 2

Blow Bellows No. 2


Each Blow fireplace bellow is handmade by local artisans in the Hudson Valley, with an eye on craftsmanship and style. They are all 100% vegan, meaning no leather or animal products, which to us, means they are doing a little bit to make this world a nicer place.  

- 10" X 15" X 5"
- 6 lb 4 oz
- Milled Aluminum Handles - minimizes weight and maximize strength.
- Black Anodized Aluminum Tip
- Poplar Top and Bottom- minimizes weight and maximize strength.
- Waxed Canvas Fabric - less porous and 100% vegan
- Hand Painted and Finished
- Metal Hinge with Wooden Overlay


Name: Heath Miller
What county do you live in?: Dutchess
How long have you been living/working in the Hudson Valley?: 3 years
Brief Biography: We were just so overwhelmed with the amount of bad design in the world of bellows, so we knew we needed to bring taste and quality to a very dated Industry. It’s part art, part interior design, and part functional tool.
Where or what are your favorite things to do in the Hudson Valley?: Eat and drink my way through all of the amazing towns, from Germantown to Tivoli, Hudson to Rhinebeck and everything in between. We also build retreats in Milan for NYC peeps to get away and experience everything we love about the valley.

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