Cat Butt Catnip

Cat Butt Catnip


Catnip grown right here in the Hudson Valley handstamped with our custom rubber stamp.


Name: Rhinebeck Domino Company
Years in the Hudson Valley: 36 + 35 years – our whole lives!…so yeah, a long time.
Where or what are your favorite things to do in the Hudson Valley? Hike! Eat all the things! Drink the drinks! Plant the plants! Walk the doggo walks…okay…
Describe your work: We began making handmade gifts in 2008 – working out of a one-bedroom apartment in Rhinebeck with two cats, an occasional baby ostrich, one dog (then two dogs!), often hand-sawing on the living room floor late into the night (sorry neighbors!)! One of those first gifts were a set of dominoes – a game very close to our hearts, and a tell-tale sign of the adventure that has followed.

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