Resin Pendent Necklace with Blue Sapphires and Orange Charms

Resin Pendent Necklace with Blue Sapphires and Orange Charms


Chain Lengths: 13", 18" Inch
Pendant: 2" x 1.25" Inch

Crystal healing info card included with necklace!

Blue Sapphire Key Words:

  • Mental Agility

  • Learning

  • Clairvoyance

  • Psychic Ability

  • Communication


Name: Daisy Farrell
What county do you live in?: Dutchess
How long have you been living/working in the Hudson Valley?: I have lived in the Hudson Valley for 18 years and I have been a part of the arts community for most of that time.
Brief Biography:  I am a Maryland Institute College of Art grad from the Hudson Valley. I am constantly creating and exploring new mediums to work with. I do a bit of everything and I have never liked staying in one category. I am heavily inspired by surrealist, outsider, and folk art to name a few. However I find my inspiration in almost everything. It comes from life experience in general. I am fascinated by dreams, memory, and overall what makes us who we are. I always found many things hard to put into words, and that is where art has provided that translation. Without the ability to create I have no sense of how I would exist fully in this world and I consider it and huge piece of who I am. I currently work as a part time cake designer, and have my own jewelry business. I also do several commission projects and various other things in the creative realms.
Where or what are your favorite things to do in the Hudson Valley?: I adore the Hudson Valley. What I especially love is the variety it provides. I can go to beautiful places in nature, small towns, and access cities and larger communities all in one. I feel its the best of both worlds and it is never short of things to explore. I also love the large arts community and the support we share with one another. I love to explore new hiking areas, thrift shops, and new towns.

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