Indigo Lane Meow Earrings

Indigo Lane Meow Earrings


For cat lovers! A stamped and oxidized black kitty slightly off center (because what cat sits where you want it to?) with 'MEOW' on the other earring. These tiny sterling silver square earrings with french wires are about 1/2" long and come with plastic backs to keep them secure.


Name: Lorraine LeClair
What county do you live in? Dutchess
How long have you been living/working in the Hudson Valley? All my life.
Biography: I have always been a maker. Childhood was all about the crafts! friendship bracelets, beading, sewing, clay, I did it. I never thought that I could make anything of my love of crafts – I earned a bachelor's degree thinking I'd have to have a 'real' job. Didn't work. While at Dutchess Community College, I took metalworking as an elective. I was hooked! Jewelry was my thing! After college I came home and started working as a bench jeweler for a large, famous retailer, and designing and making my own stuff on the side. I take inspiration from simple shapes and make things I would want to wear.
Where or what are your favorite things to do in the Hudson Valley? I love poking around little shops in our lovely towns and villages! I enjoy live music and am always looking for new places to check out. I love trying the new breweries and do a bit of hiking now and then. The last few years I've been running 5k's with my sister and there are a number of them in the Hudson Valley. We like to hang around the area when we're done and grab some food and see what's what.

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