Sinterklaas: Send-Off Celebration in Kingston, All-Day Festivities in Rhinebeck


Rain or Shine – it’s Sinterklaas time!

After a full day of activities in Kingston – workshops, walking tours, trolley rides, shadow puppet show – Sinterklaas, along with the Dancing Bear, Pocket Lady, Mother Holly, and of course, the Grumpuses, will bring the seasonal celebration to the east side of the Hudson this Saturday, December 1st. The non-denominational soiree begins at 10am and culminates with hundreds of volunteers trekking down Market Street during the Children’s Starlight Parade at 6pm.

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The tradition of Sinterklaas comes all the way from the Netherlands, brought by Dutch settlers who arrived in Rhinebeck over 300 years ago. Sinterklaas, the patron of children and sailors, finds a welcoming community in the Mid-Hudson Valley as we re-create the story through the lens of modern-day America.

Sinterklaas Rhinebeck Parking Information:

Parking is available:

• Dutchess County Fairgrounds
• Northern Dutchess Hospital
• Rhinebeck High School
• Highway Department (W. Market St., 0.3 miles west of the Starr Library)
• Behind the Starr Library.

No parking all day 11/30 and 12/1:

• The police station parking lot, including the charging stations, will be closed to the general public on Friday 11/30 and Saturday 12/1. Parking will be for law enforcement and fire department personnel only.

No parking all day 12/1:

• North side of South Street from Route 9 to Route 308
• South side of Livingston Street from Center Street to Mulberry Street
• Both sides of West Market Street from Oak Street to the Town Highway Garage
• West side of Center Street from Livingston Street to South Street
• West side of Lorraine Drive 
• Both sides of South Parsonage Street from South Street to North Park 

No parking after 2PM on 12/1:

• Both sides of East and West Market Streets from Center Street to Oak Street
• Both sides of Route 9 from Chestnut Street to South Street
• Village Municipal parking lot closes at 2:00pm
• The Rhinebeck Bank Parking will be closed at 1:00 pm. The drive-thru ATM will remain open until 3PM.

All Vehicles in No Parking Zones will be towed at the owner’s expense.