What to do if you find a fawn

During this time of year, nature is a-buzz with life, including newborn fawns and other young wildlife just entering the world. So, what should you do if you see a young fawn alone in your lawn?

Leave it there!

Fawns can walk shortly after birth, but they spend most of their first days laying in tall grass, leaf litter or sometimes just out in the open. To make sure predators stay away from the newborn, the female adult deer (the doe) will leave the fawn alone, except during nursing time. If the doe smells a human around her fawn, she may delay nursing the baby to protect the both of them.

If you see young wildlife in your adventures, be sure to enjoy it from a distance, and contact your local DEC office if you observe any abnormal or sick-acting wildlife.

New York’s amazing natural wonders come alive during the spring and summer seasons ... If you see a fawn, baby rabbit, or a just-fledged bird, I encourage you to enjoy the encounter from a distance and not attempt to approach or touch the animal ... If you care, leave it there.
— DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos