Bash Bish Falls

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Across the Hudson Valley line and technically located in Massachusettes, Bash Bish Falls is certainly worth the trip over the border with stunning views of the 60-foot waterfall and a climb to a vista that spans across state lines. 

The site offers both access and adventure for all levels of local explorers. There are two parking areas – lower parking area offers a relatively flat and accessible path along the Bash Bish Creek to the falls. The upper parking area is a bit of a steeper trek to the falls, but it also offers access to a scenic viewing area with sweeping views of both states. 

NOTES: Swimming, entering the gorge, and climbing the rocks is not permitted.

The reward after a steep climb from the upper parking area.

The reward after a steep climb from the upper parking area.


The name of the falls is said to originate from the story of a young Mohican woman who, when accused of adultery, was ordered to be bound to a canoe and sent over the falls. Before her ill-fated punishment, a ring of bright butterflies circled her head and she broke free of the constraints and threw herself over the falls instead. Legend says the infant daughter she left behind often sat longingly at the top of the falls looking for her mother until one day she too leapt to her death. On moonlit nights, folklore claims you can see a woman behind the falls.

the details:

  • Address: Falls Road, Mt. Washington, MA
  • Open: Sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset
  • 1-mile hike to the falls
  • Approximate round-trip hiking time: 1 hour
  • Dogs allowed
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