Walkway Over the Hudson


A historic timeline of what is the present-day Walkway Over the Hudson State Park:

  • 1868 - An article in the Poughkeepsie Journal introduced the idea of building a railroad bridge across the Hudson.

  • 1871 - The Poughkeepsie railroad bridge was chartered.

  • 1873 - The first cornerstone of the bridge was laid.

  • 1888 - The bridge opened in December and was considered a technological wonder. 1889 - Trains started crossing and at that time it was the longest bridge in the world.World War II - through the war, the bridge carried troops to be shipped overseas. At it's height, 3,500 train cars crossed the bridge on a daily basis.

  • 1974 - Fire severely damaged the tracks, ending almost a century of continuous use.

  • 1992 - Walkway Over the Hudson began its efforts to provide public access to the bridge and link rail trails on both sides of the Hudson.

  • 1998 - Walkway Over the Hudson assumed ownership of the bridge.

  • 2007 - Walkway Over the Hudson partnered with the Dyson Foundation to access public and private funding in order to transform the bridge into the world's largest pedestrian park.

  • 2008 - After a groundbreaking held in May, construction work began to transform the bridge into a pedestrian park.

  • October 3, 2009 - Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park opened to the public.

  • August 14, 2014 - A grand opening is held for an elevator connecting the Walkway to the Poughkeepsie waterfront. The new glass elevator is located at Upper Landing Park and is just a short walk from Waryas Park, fine dining and the Poughkeepsie Train Station.

Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park

Highland entrance: 87 Haviland Road, Highland

Poughkeepsie entrance: 61 Parker Avenue, Poughkeepsie

7am - sunset, weather permitting

$5/four hours to park